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Students Thoughts on Personalized Learning

Hannah Blair, Reporter

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The students here at EHS have many different opinions on personalized learning. Some of them love the freedom to go at their own pace, yet others don’t like the stress of having many assignments to do all at once. Personalized Learning is a good thing, when used correctly. If a teacher gives 15 assignments that are due in a week, students are less likely to actually do them. Personalized Learning should really just be a few assignments at a time. If all 7 teachers give each student 15 assignments due in a week, that’s 105 assignments per student. Imagine the stacks of paper needed to be graded!


  • Delaney M: “Not the greatest thing, but it’s necessary.”
  • Erika V: “I like it, but only for certain classes.”
  • Rebecca J: “I like it but, at the same time I don’t.”
  • Sidney D: “It’s an excuse for teachers to not teach, but make us go online, however, it allows me to work at my own pace”
  • Aubrie C: “I don’t like it.”


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The student news site of Eustis High School
Students Thoughts on Personalized Learning